Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I managed to spend most of a two week Xmas break in bed sick. And since then I’ve been trying to catch up!

It’s amazing what the NHS is like today. I’ve just finished representing a member in a disciplinary – it was the first of two I have running at the moment. Preparation involved learning in considerable detail a clinical area outside my own. I finished up needing a suitcase to take all the paperwork to the hearing. We are waiting for the verdict – but I’m pretty sure we won.

I’ve also had to work on the Union’s response to the Darzi consultaion, both in London and nationally, as well as the response from the SLT OAC to Bercow’s national consultation on the future of speech and language services. I’ll post them on this blog over the next few days.

All this while my Trust is pushing forward with a shift of provider services to an Autonomous Provider Organisation – the first step on the road to privatisation. You can imagine the meetings that is provoking.

I think I’ve broken the back of it, so hopefully my postings on the blog will now become more regular.


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