Darzi – a privateer through and through

Darzi’s national proposals on NHS ‘reform’ are as nasty as his London plans. The theme of privatisation runs through the proposals just as plainly as the letters in a stick of Blackpool rock.

The document here was my contribution to developimg the formal Unite (Amicus Section) response to the national consultation on Darzi’s proposals:

Response to national Darzi consultation

One Response to Darzi – a privateer through and through

  1. Dr Wendy-Jane Walton says:

    As a GP clinical lead for our End of Life Care pathway development group I feel I have been hoodwinked into steering the Titanic straight towards the iceberg. The rhetoric of improved investment in patient care and the opportunity to shape future services was seductive, but it is becoming more and more clear that the agenda is already decided, and the involvement of clinical ‘leads’ is a clever sop to the ultimate production of a report that will drive forward privatisation with the ‘full engagement and backing of lead clinicians and the public.’ As you rightly say, “The prospect of bringing in private sector providers to explore profit margins around palliative care is enough to give most of us nightmares”.

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