Ian Rez – Funeral Arrangements

Ian is to be buried this Thursday, July 3, at 1pm in Waltham Cross. All his friends and colleagues are welcome.

Western Jewish Cemetery

Bulls Cross Ride
Waltham Cross

For map:

There is no public transport directly to the cemetery. The closest bus stop is almost one mile away. The nearest railway station is Turkey Street, however, there is no taxi rank there (although there is supposed to be a notice giving the phone numbers of local taxi firms). Enfield Town station is further away but does have a minicab firm on the station premises. Both stations are accessible by trains from Liverpool Street. The 12:00 noon train to Enfield Town arrives there at 12:33 pm. The cemetery is about 10 minutes by taxi from the station.

Unite/Amicus London Regional Council is planning to organise a gathering after the ceremony with food and drink for Ian’s friends to share memories and celebrate his life. This will be at the Pied Bull, 1 Bulls Cross, Enfield EN2 9HE, immediately after the funeral. The pub is close to the cemetery.


2 Responses to Ian Rez – Funeral Arrangements

  1. Kate Ahrens says:

    I am sadly unable to attend the funeral this Thursday, but my thoughts will be with Ian’s friends and comrades.

    We can ill-afford to lose good fighters for the workers’ cause and Ian is a gap in our ranks that will be hard to fill.

    Kate Ahrens

  2. Brian Harris says:

    I will not be able to attend Ians funeral,but my thoughts will be with you.
    Many memories to many perhaps of the battles,had over the years,a good comrade he will be sadly missed.
    Brian Harris
    Southern Region
    Isle of Wight Branch

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