Health workers: We’re not paying for the bankers’ crisis

Unite’s press release is below. Our ballot for industrial action, including strike action, starts on 28th October.

Unite has over 100,000 members in Health, in some key occupational groups. Strike action by Unite can have a real impact.

An obvious point to make, but all health workers have got the same pathetic pay award. Industrial action by Unite massively strengthens the opportunities for all of us to kick out three years of pay cuts.

Why should health workers pay the price of economic crisis, while the bankers walk away stuffing their pockets with loot?  Why is this Government so determined that nurses, therapists, porters and domestics have their pay slashed year on year?

It’s time to make a stand. This is a ballot that needs to be won, and a ballot that can be won.

Unite to hold industrial action ballot over NHS ‘derisory’ pay

1 October 2008 PRESS RELEASE

Thousands of NHS employees are being asked to take industrial action in a pay protest ballot next month by Unite, the largest union in the country. Unite will be asking its members whether they are prepared to take industrial action, including strike action, in the ballot which commences on 28 October.

After the ballot closes on 12 November, Unite will have a 28-day ‘window’ to take action that its members have voted for.

Unite’s ballot is underpinned by a 95% rejection by its members of the government’s unilaterally imposed three-year pay deal, worth in total 7.99% – barely half the current rate of inflation. It is further reinforced by a 75% vote in favour of an industrial action ballot.

Unite’s National Officer for Health, Dave Fleming said: ‘Having held activist meetings throughout the UK last month, we are confident of a decisive ‘Yes’ vote for industrial action in protest at the government’s ‘derisory’ pay offer.’

‘There is a real danger that this government policy of falsely depressing public sector pay could continue for many years to come – we can’t allow this to happen.’

‘Our action will not compromise the care of sick and vulnerable people. Emergency cover will be provided by Unite members at all times during any industrial action as patient and client care is paramount.’


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