Special Executive Council Meeting 9th October 2008

A report of the Executive Council meeting is here.

Prior to the meeting, the Editorial Board of Amicus Unity Gazette (the Left group in Amicus) agreed a statement opposing the delay to integration of the Amicus and TGWU sections of the union.

The details of the resolution agreed by the Executive (and the timetable for election of an Amicus Section General Secretary) are here.

Progression to full merger remains absolutely essential, and the Executive will need to start asserting itself to ensure this happens. The worst imaginable outcome would be for the merger to founder, and for the T&G to walk away from this. We can’t allow squabbles about peoples’ careers to destroy the far more important project of building an effcetive trade union movement.


2 Responses to Special Executive Council Meeting 9th October 2008

  1. Ian says:

    Quite agree Gill. At the same time we cant allow Dereks apparent ‘megalomania’ to dominate proceedings.

    You say the AUG agreed a statement. Was this agreed with the TGWU BL?

  2. Cathy Watson says:

    There was a bus strike last Friday, not very well reported in the press. As I drove past my local bus garage I noticed that the official placards said Unite but the men’s own handmade ones said T&G. All very sad. We need unity even more in the current economic climate.

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