NHS Pay: The money’s there

It was announced yesterday that Shell profits have increased by 71% to £6.7 billion. Across the Atlantic, Exxon Mobil announced a world record for company profits $14.8 billion, up 54%. Earlier this week it was BP announcing a 148% increase in profits.

With health workers facing increasing fuel bills which, by themselves, more than wipe out our pay award this year; it’s not surprising there is anger at these profits.

Joint General Secretary, Tony Woodley told the press: “Struggling, worried families will have every right to feel angry that as the temperature plummets, BP’s profits rocket. It is no longer acceptable for government to stand on the sidelines. It is time to put an end to this obscene profiteering”.

Unite have called for a tax on these excess profits. It wouldn’t take much of a tax on this level of profit to fund our pay claim in full.

Let’s keep the pressure on. We need a massive ‘YES’ vote in the pay ballot.


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