NHS Pay: I’m voting ‘Yes’ for action

I’ve just got my ballot paper. I’ve had few opportunities in my life to have my say on how much I get paid. This morning I was happy to have the chance to vote ‘Yes’ for a decent pay rise.

‘Toxic debt’ is a phrase that’s been thrown around a lot in the last few weeks. I think a more immediate problem for a lot of us is ‘toxic government’.

This is a government that has imposed public sector pay cuts as a matter of policy – it’s a choice made by Gordon Brown that we’re to get paid less each year.

This is, of course, the same government that bails out the banks and big business – but lets home repossessions spiral, leaves pensioners to freeze while energy companies make obscene profits, and that allows the pensions of millions of workers to be put at risk.

The same government, too, that attacks our civil liberties,  scapegoats asylum seekers, conducts brutal war in Iraq and Afghanistan, presides over shocking levels of child poverty, glories in anti-union legislation, dismantles the NHS and attacks the welfare state…

Their crisis; they want to make us pay. I’m voting ‘Yes’ for action to protect our pay and our pensions.


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