General Secretary Election: Support Laurence Faircloth

This may be an election few of us want – but the outcome matters. Unite is the UK’s biggest union. We have the potential to be a powerful union that rebuilds and reinvigorates the trade union movement. It’s time to challenge the mindset that all we can do is donate millions to Labour, cross our fingers, and hope that – somehow – everything will turn out all right.

Laurence Faircloth is the left candidate for General Secretary – endorsed by ‘Amicus Unity Gazette’, the union’s Broad Left organisation.

Like others on the left, I’ll be working for branches and workplace reps to make their nominations in support of Laurence. The nomination period runs through November and December.

Workplace reps have to contact regional offices to get nomination forms. The union website has information about the election, including contact details to obtain nomination forms in each region.

Laurence’s details are as follows:

Branch: Plymouth 0738

Membership No: 30835343

Address: 36 Burnham Road, High Bridge, Somerset TA9 3JH

Laurence also has a website and a Facebook page.


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