Support Laurence Faircloth

We’ve got a Government that remains determined to break up the NHS and hand over anything profitable to the private sector. For patients – particularly older people, people with disabilities, and people with chronic conditions – this will be an absolute disaster. For health workers, too, this is about attacking our pay, our conditions, and our ability to offer high quality patient care. We have to resist this in any way we can.

The leadership of our Union matters in this context. We need a General Secretary who will stand up to the Labour Government – not just at the level of huffing and puffing a bit, but prepared to make Unite funding contingent on the Government giving something back in return.

I’m backing Laurence Faircloth because – of all the candidates – I believe that he is best placed to do this. Laurence’s leaflet for Health Sector reps is here. Every rep in Unite’s Health Sector should be nominating Laurence Faircloth.


3 Responses to Support Laurence Faircloth

  1. Cathy Watson says:

    According to Judy Atkinson’s article in December’s Labour Briefing, Laurence Faircloth was an active member of AEEU United, Ken Jackson’s group within the old AEEU, and has never been associated with the Gazette. Can you explain?

  2. Gill George says:

    I haven’t seen this particular article, Cathy. What I do know, though, is that there’s some quite deliberate misinformation being put around by supporters of one of the other General Secretary candidates. I don’t know Laurence Faircloth particularly well – but I’ve spoken to leading lay activists in Unite who have worked with him closely over a number of years. They tell me that his record is a sound one, both in terms of support for left politics and support for lay activists.

    I didn’t want this election, but the outcome of it is important. I firmly believe that Laurence Faircloth is the best candidate by a very long way.

  3. Des Heemskerk says:

    And what ‘deliberate misinformation’ was that then Gill?

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