Solidarity with Gaza

Many trade unionists will be sickened by Israel’s brutal attack on Palestinians living in the Gaza strip. There are now over 500 dead, including many children.

The charity Medical Aid for Palestinians describes the horror of a situation where the number of hospital beds is far outstripped by the number of injured, and where people are now left to die on hospital floors.

Paramedics risk their lives when they go out to pick up the injured (with reports of at least one paramedic being killed). News reports today are also of hospitals with power only from backup generators, set to fail in the next day or two, and of doctors struggling desperately to save lives with an acute shortage of drugs and other essential medical supplies. A situation that is already a catastrophe is set to get far worse.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign  gives some of the background to this conflict, and to the 60 years of oppression experienced by the Palestinian people.

An important demonstration against the attack on Gaza will take place in Central London on Saturday 10th January; I’ll post details here when they are available. There are likely also to be demonstrations in other areas of the UK.

Either of the organisations mentioned above would make good use of any collections that trade union members can make at work.


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