Solidarity with Gaza: Two events to support


At least 195 children have died (photo from BBC)

There are two important events this week that socialists and trade unionists should support:

Rally: Stop The Gaza Massacre, Thursday 8 January 7.30pm Speakers Include Tony Benn, Tariq Ali, George Galloway MP Friends Meeting House, Euston Rd, London NW1 2BJ. Nearest tube: Euston.
Organised by Stop the War Coalition and Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

National Demonstration: Saturday 10 January Stop the Massacre : Israel Out of Gaza
Assemble 12.30pm Speakers Corner, Hyde Park March to Israeli Embassy, High St Kensington, London

And a quick round-up of the news from today’s BBC website shows why:

At least 30 people were killed and 55 injured when Israeli artillery shells landed outside a United Nations-run school in Gaza, UN officials have said.

Palestinian health ministry officials say 595 people have been killed since the attacks began, 195 of them children.

Earlier, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) warned of a “full-blown humanitarian crisis” in Gaza.

The BBC also carries the diary of an aid worker, who reports on a visit (earlier today) to a UN school. I don’t know if it was the one that was bombed. His report:

What I saw was heartbreaking. Before me were families who have had their homes destroyed and have lost everything. Gaza is a very poor place and many people didn’t have much before the bombing started. Many more are left with even less now.

The people I met told me that they had found themselves in the firing line and had no choice but to leave their homes.

I met a mother who was burning paper in order to boil water for her child. She was doing this because she had no milk – maybe she could fool her hungry baby with the warm water?

I was surprised at the amount of women and children I saw in the school – and worried too.

People are exhausted, traumatised and they are surviving on a limited amount of food – there simply isn’t enough.


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