Unite: Strong support for Gaza

I’m writing this as news breaks that Israel is again bombing Gaza. There are already close to 1000 dead, including hundreds of children. Thousands of homes are in ruins. Reliable reports are of 400,000 people without clean water supplies. The prospect of even more slaughter is horrific.

I’m attaching the Unite statement on Gaza – a good document, unanimously supported by Executive Council members on Thursday.  Joint General Secretary Derek Simpson moved the proposal.

The statement is a powerful one. It demands that the British government unequivocally condemns the Israeli aggression, for example, and demands that the British government ends arms sales to Israel.

Importantly, the statement also encourages branches to affiliate to the Stop the War Coalition  and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Members are urged to make donations to relevant causes such as the TUC Gaza Appeal and Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Unite members are also encouraged to attend demonstrations against Israel’s attack on Gaza.

It’s great to see Unite responding in a very principled way to the nightmare situation in Gaza. Unite activists should make sure that the statement is circulated as widely as possible inside the Union.

The renewed attacks by Israel lend a real urgency to this. Our money can save lives. If we succeed in forcing a principled response out of our own Government, this could save a great many more.


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