Executive Council Report: March 2009

A report of the March Executive Council meeting is here. This report is obviously a personal one, giving my own impressions of the meeting. The document should in no way be seen as an official record of the meeting.

I spoke several times at this meeting about the NHS, and the Government’s moves to dismantle NHS community services. My contributions at the Executive Council meeting reflect my growing concern that the union response falls short of what is needed to withstand these attacks.


4 Responses to Executive Council Report: March 2009

  1. Tom P says:

    Any decision of Unite EC on the People’s Charter?

  2. Tatton says:

    Gosh Gill, what incredibly detailed and clear minutes. Well done! Hope you have the General Secretary post in your sights in a few years!

    Great to get the NHS picture across.

  3. Gill says:

    Anna, General Secretary isn’t necessarily part of my life plan just now!

    On the People’s Charter, Tom, we’ve got a sizeable number of EC members signing it as individuals. Tony Woodley I gather was involved in formulating the Charter, and is a signatory. The best way of getting the Executive to formally approve it, though – and I’m not confident that we will succeed – will be getting a sizeable number of resolutions coming in from regions and/or industrial sectors urging support. The next meeting is May, and I would hope we would be in a position to push for support at this.

  4. Joe Harrison says:

    Thanks Gill for a very readable account.

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