Got five minutes spare before 30th April?

There’s an important leaflet here from Keep Our NHS Public.

This is about the ‘Co-operation and Competition Panel’ – a fancy name for a body that will allow the private sector to overturn local decisions to keep NHS services publicly provided and publicly accountable.

It’s astonishing that a Government that is so discredited and so unpopular remains determined to destroy the welfare state and the NHS. Brown’s ambition is seemingly to go down in history as the man who succeeded where Margaret Thatcher failed.

There’s a consultation exercise going on now around the Co-operation and Competition Panel. It’s not intended to be a real exercise in democracy, as this might actually mean asking people if they want their NHS to be sold off to the profiteers. However, it does no harm at all to respond along the lines suggested by KONP. If you have a spare five minutes before 30th April, give it a go.

The consultation documents are here  if you can’t access them from the KONP leaflet.


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