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This is my personal blog. I work as a Speech and Language Therapist in Primary Care specialising in working with children with complex special needs. I am a member of Unite and the Senior Unite Rep in my Trust. I am also the Trust’s Staff Side Secretary. Within Amicus I also serve as the Chair of the national SLT Occupational Advisory Committee, as a member of the Health Sector National Committee, and as a member of the union’s Executive Council representing our members in the Health sector. Unite is not responsible for the contents of this blog.

I am a socialist and a member of Respect. I am a member of the Stop the War Coalition and Unite Against Fascism.

We are at a crisis point for the NHS. The Government is attempting to dismantle the NHS as a provider of health services to our communities. We face privatisation and cuts. We face a health service where provision becomes increasingly dominated by profits rather than needs. And in the process, health workers will bear the brunt of the attacks with higher workloads for less pay.

This blog will talk about the issues and, hopefully, assist in our ongoing campaigns to keep our NHS public.

I can be contacted by email at gill@ghg.me.uk.


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